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Acellus Academy

US Accredited Learning Pathway
Acellus Academy is America’s top-rated online school. The platform combines engaging video lessons with cutting-edge technology that identifies learning obstacles in each child’s learning and provides a personalized learning experience to reinforce concept gaps of foundational knowledge to accelerate learning.
Acellus Power Homeschool is the low cost-unaccredited version Acellus Academy which contains a similar content as the accredited program. The teacher support component will be unavailable program. However, it provides a light mentoring feature that is available electronically. Additionally, the diploma and official school records are only available in the main accredited program.

Acellus Power Homeschool

US Unaccredited Learning Pathway

International Academy of Science

Acellus Academy is an online learning program of the International Academy of Science with over a millions of learners in thousands of schools throughout the United States. Over 250 courses for grades K-12 covering all core subject areas, as well as electives, Advanced Placement (AP), Career & Technical Education (CTE), and STEM focused pathways. The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) has accredited this academic program, and the College Board has approved AP Coursework.

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Benefits of Acellus

What makes Acellus work like magic? It's Science

Acellus is a learning accelerator. It uses video-based lessons with cutting-edge technology to accelerate learning, elevate standardized test scores, reduce dropout rates and transition more students into careers and college.

Learning Accelerator

Vectored Building on modern research, Acellus developers study the way students learn, identify obstacles to learning, and experiment with different techniques rooted in cognitive science to discover the ones that accelerate learning.

Writing tutor

The Acellus Writing Tutor uses Intelligent Interaction to tutor students as they write, giving immediate feedback on grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and even on writing style. This is a long-awaited game changer in our ability to teach writing in the distance learning environment.

Prism Diagnostics

Vectored Prism Diagnostics identifies specific deficiencies in students’ understanding of core concepts and responds immediately with Customized Personal Instruction (CPI) videos for the that precise deficit. The result is that every student receives personalized instruction – right at the moment when they needed most. 

Vectored Instruction

Vectored Instruction has changed the dynamic of online education. This technology is enabling students to master foundational skills they are missing that are prerequisites to success in their current course of study. Vectored Instruction fills in the gaps while keeping students within their credit-level course, enabling them to complete their coursework with passing grades and get on track for graduation.

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Enrichment Programs

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