Our Vision

Future Education now, 
for Everyone!

The ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to education has long been out of date, and radical change is required. Our educational system is currently facing a major setback because the majority of graduates lack the skills required to meet industry requirements, indicating the failure of the “one size fits all” educational model.

WeLearn Global provides learners with a variety of learning models and platforms to help them identify their areas of interest and passion and further develop their natural abilities through a personalized e-learning experience.

Our Mission

The core mission of WeLearn Global is to bring equality in education by providing a truly affordable e-learning program that is globally recognized, highly personalized according to different learning needs, and equips them with future skills in order for them to thrive in the digital age.

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Dr. David Doran, JD
Founding Father of WeLearn Global

David was deeply committed to developing a better alternative model to the current outdated system. In 1994, he founded his first startup, which grew to become the largest ASEAN law firm to this day. 

The WeLearn Global concept came to David during the second year of online schooling for his oldest child, who was 13 at the time. David’s subsequent deep dive into online education led to discussions about personalization, the 4Cs, future jobs, and 21st century skills. He saw the online learning as having enormous potential for radically changing the way children learn and parents live. Its benefits, however, were out of reach for most parents due to obstacles such as the difficulty of course selection and a lack of collaboration, socialization, supervision, and applied learning space.

Removing these obstacles could form the foundation of a new learning paradigm, providing an ideal solution to the glacial pace of education reform and enabling millions of children worldwide to receive an affordable education relevant to their digital future. 

David resigned as chairman of his first start-up in 2017 to found WeLearn- a social enterprise, pursue this mission as WeLearn’s Founding Father. David’s mission is straightforward: to assist millions of children like his in discovering their places and passions in the world and breaking free from an education system that has failed to meet the learning needs of the present, let alone the future

Future Skills 21st century learning

Our Concept​

Acquiring facts and knowledge is no longer sufficient in today’s learning environment, or the working world, our learners will enter in the future. Anyone with modern technology can acquire that information. What our learners need is the ability to apply that knowledge to thrive in the digital age. People refer to these skills as “future skills” or “21st-century skills.”

WeLearn believes that a learner’s future success is determined by the abilities he or she can demonstrate in the real world, any subject, or topic of interest.

Self Directed Learning

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Critical Thinking

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Creative Thinking

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Collaboration &Leadership

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Social & Emotional Aptitude

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MTC Mastery Transcript

WeLearn Global is a member of the Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC), a collaboration of future-ready schools worldwide that uses an alternative grading and recording system to capture each learner’s progress towards mastery of the 7 Future Skills in a personalized way. WeLearn Global captures the holistic development of every child in different learning areas and interests both academic and non-academic. The Mastery Transcript evaluates portfolio evidence demonstrating competency and mastery of skills learners can perform rather than a single number of test scores and GPAs.

Besides the traditional transcript issued by our academic providers, your child will also be receiving a digital transcript from the MTC that shows the mastery areas and competencies that your child has developed through the years.

MTC Mastery Transcript

Our Partners​

Acellus Academy

Acellus Academy is a program of the International Academy of Science, a Kansas City-based non-profit organization that has been advancing science and education for over thirty years. Acellus Academy high school graduates have been welcomed into top universities around the country. The school’s programs are flexible, yet rigorous, resulting in graduates that are motivated to achieve success and optimistic about their future.

CambriLearn is our partner that delivers our British International program for primary and secondary. CambriLearn has worked with thousands of learners over the past 10 years, from homeschooling families to learners at traditional schools, tutor centers and schools by providing education support services across more than 20 countries.

Mastery Transcript Consortium

The Mastery Transcript Consortium (MTC) is a growing international group of private and public schools who are introducing a digital transcript, that opens up opportunity for each and every learner — from all backgrounds, locations, and types of schools — to have their unique strengths, abilities, interests, and histories fostered, understood, and celebrated. Elements of the Mastery Transcript include competency-based learning and the removal of the Grade Point Average system, including letter grades.

EtonX of Eton College and they deliver extra-curricular courses for WeLearn Global. EtonX is a British education technology company founded by Eton College to create innovative software and high-quality course materials that allow learners to develop the skills they need for their future success. They have supported learners all over the world.

Robotixar Academy

Robotixar™️ Academy is an institution specialized in STEM/ STEAM Learning with the latest technologies and Century skills that are essential for your kids in the future, such as technology literacy, critical thinking Creativity, and collaboration. Their program is based On NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards), Includes Computer Coding, Science, Engineering, Robotics & Automation, Laboratory Activities, Business & Entrepreneurship, and a 3D modeling Program.