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UK Accredited Examinations

The UK learning pathway provides an International British curriculum delivered in collaboration with CambriLearn Education. The academic program is based on the world’s most widely recognized British system of learning and assessment, which has over 160 years of experience. It is an accredited primary and secondary school program that allows for seamless integration with national curricula worldwide. The learning approach includes notes, worksheets, learning guides, marked assessments, exams, pre-recorded video lessons, and session.

Benefits of International 

British Curriculum

Primary Stage

CambriLearn’s Primary Stage online schooling follows the Cambridge curriculum starting the educational journey for students 5 to 11 years old. The Primary Stage curriculum provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing students to work at their own pace. By enrolling your child, or students, in the International British curriculum, you can provide a balanced education helping them thrive throughout their schooling years.

CambriLearn’s Primary Stage subjects consist of Mathematics, Science, and English with supplementary courses available for Social Emotional Learning and Robotics.

High School

CambriLearn’s International British Curriculum courses start at Foundation I&II building a solid foundation in preparation for the Cambridge IGCSE and AS Level Exams

A Levels

At the end of the first year of A Level, students have the option of writing AS Level exams. These AS Levels are internationally recognized examinations, written at certified exam centers across the world.

Students proceeding to the full A Level can write their AS Level exams in one year and then the A Level exams the following year, or they can write all the exams in their second year of study. The CambriLearn A Level courses cover the second year of the A Level subjects.

How the CambriLearn system works

By taking a competency-based approach to education, our platform when used in conjunction with the British International curriculum (or Cambridge Curriculum), allows learners to study at the level at which they will excel. Although there are recommended ages at which different education levels should be taken, this approach means the levels are flexible enough to accommodate each student’s unique competence.

This is the ideal preparation for both university and for the future workforce, where the emphasis is on higher order thinking.

Future Skills
Enrichment Programs

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Engineering Projects

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